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The manufacture of bespoke devices is a highly technical process involving an accurate assessment by a Podiatrist who specialises in biomechanics and gait analysis. The podiatrist must also understand the theory of tissue stress injury and principles of reducing this through improving human gait.

Bespoke to your exact requirements


We can solve incorrect pathological gait and faulty movement patterns with the use of bespoke Orthotics placed into your footwear, to help redistribute pressure away from those joints and tissues under stress. Whatever your condition or sport we’re able to provide an Orthotic that works for you.

We use various types of Orthotics depending on your needs, suitable to fit all types of footwear. Our standard prefabricated Orthotic solutions are heat moulded and adapted to the shape of your feet on the day, whereas our fully bespoke Orthotics are entirely custom made. To do that we use the data from our analysis to create a detailed prescription along with a cast of your feet, which is then sent to our laboratory to produce a pair of Orthotics tailored to your exact needs.

After a short adjustment period we will then review the performance of the Orthotics via a follow up appointment to ensure that your discomfort has reduced and performance increased. If necessary we can carry out any adjustments that may be needed.

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If you’d like to book a appointment with The Footlab just get in touch.  We can usually offer appointments within 24-48 hours and we’ll always try to accommodate emergency appointments where possible.

We can also help with specialist footwear


We can also assist in other specialist areas such as Cycling, from solid bottom insoles to protect from pedal cleats, to arch supports, cushioning cycling shoe insoles, inserts, and footbeds that are made for tighter fitting cycling shoes, reduce the pain and stop and friction from moment.

We can also help with specialist footwear


With our custom Orthotics you have more control, therefore more power and speed. You have warmer, more cushioned feet so you can fit in those last runs of the day, getting the most out of your day up at the mountain.